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Fact Sheet

Founded by Olivier Lee and Choongsic Ham in 2019, Tinker Troupe is an independent game studio dedicated to re-exploring the classic games we all love and re-inventing them with a modern twist.

Poker Showdown is our first game. It mixes classic Poker and RPG to create a unique style of card battle game in a fun wild west setting. We hope you’ll enjoy it.


Olivier and Choongsic have worked together for many years since meeting at Gameloft back in 2009. They collaborated on multiple games, including big license projects such as Ice Age and Cars. Their shared passion for classic arcade games, as well as a similar easy-going attitude about life, helped cement a strong friendship between them.


In 2016, after Gameloft NY closed its doors, Olivier and Choongsic decided to work together once again and develop games inspired by their shared passion. After 3 years of hard work, their first game, Poker Showdown was ready to launch and alongside was born Tinker Troupe, an independent studio with the ambition to create many more fun games.


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Olivier Lee

Co-Founder / Game Designer & Developer

Email / LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio

Choongsic Ham

Co-Founder / Game Artist

Email / LinkedIn

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