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Fact Sheet





Release Date:

  • May 28, 2020





  • Free-to-play with in-app purchase





Fact Sheet

Poker Showdown is a free-to-play card battle game on iOS and Android. It combines elements of poker with collectible card games in a setting inspired by classic spaghetti westerns.


The main gameplay consists of short, turn-based battles with 3 core actions:

  • Placing bets using bullets.

  • Building strong poker hands to build up power.

  • Shooting and defeating the enemies before they take you down.


In addition, you can choose from a cast of bounty hunters, each with their own abilities. Collect bounties, upgrade your stats and build your deck before facing the next battle. Play Poker Showdown anytime, anywhere and at your own pace. You’ll enjoy a refreshing take on classic poker as well as a fun adventure in the wild west.


Poker Showdown is Tinker Troupe’s debut game. At the end of 2016, co-founders Olivier Lee and Choongsic Ham started brainstorming about the idea of making collectible card games accessible to a broader audience. After multiple prototypes, the concept settled on poker as a base for the gameplay. At the same time, a whole universe inspired by classic spaghetti westerns was developed, including charismatic bounty hunters and bandits with unique personalities. The game is supported by beautiful 2D visuals and a presentation during combat reminiscent of classic Japanese role-playing games.


Poker Showdown is made using the Unity engine as a free-to-play game for both iOS and Android. It is currently in soft launch, preparing to be released.

Noticeable Features

♠️ Poker with a twist

We simplified the rules of poker. Learn the basic strategies for building the best poker hands and apply them to a fresh new tactical game.

♥️ Western world

The game is inspired by classic spaghetti westerns and the American wild west. Meet fearsome gunslingers. Face a diverse cast of outlaws. Participate in intense shootouts and explore the world of Poker Showdown.

♦️ Card collection

Collect both classic poker cards and special cards with unique abilities. Upgrade them and assemble your deck.


♣️ Beautiful 2D visuals

The game features gorgeous, high definition 2D visuals and includes both full size illustrations, and detailed sprite animations.

♠️ Multiplayer battles

Challenge your friends and other players in asynchronous multiplayer battles. Compete with them on the leaderboard.

♥️ Free-to-play

Download the game and play it for free. The game is supported by optional in-game purchases and ads.

♦️ Offline play

Play anywhere, while commuting or when waiting in line. No internet connection is required to play the game.


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Press Mentions

Olivier Lee

Co-Founder / Game Designer & Developer

Email / LinkedIn / Twitter / Portfolio

Choongsic Ham

Co-Founder / Game Artist

Email / LinkedIn

Music by Nuttyprofessor

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