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About Poker Showdown

Cowboy Showdown is a game made for iOS and Android that mixes the strategy and simplicity of classic 5 card poker, and the character building and progression of RPG (role playing game).


The game is structured around short, turn-based battles, perfect for mobile gaming. During battles, you’ll have to:


  • Place bets using your bullets

  • Build strong poker hands to build up your power

  • Shoot down the outlaws and defeat them before they take you down

  • Collect your rewards and prepare for the next battle


In between battles, you’ll have access to various activities in order to explore and progress in the world of Poker Showdown:


  • Meet various characters and get quests

  • Improve your hero’s damage power and life

  • Collect rare totem pieces to build your own totem pole

  • Try your luck at the slot machine to win the jackpot

  • Explore the map to fight your next battle


The game is free to play, supported by in-app purchases and in-game advertisements.


Whether you are a seasoned poker player looking for news ways to enjoy poker, an occasional player who is familiar with the rules of poker or a new comer who is just curious about how to play poker, you’ll find in Poker Showdown, a fresh way to enter the world of poker.

Download POKER SHOWDOWN now for free and try your luck against the most dangerous gunslingers.

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Apple App Store


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Feature highlights

♠️ FREE to play

Get started immediately! Download the game and play it for free. The game is supported by optional in-game purchases and ads.


♥️ OFFLINE play

Play anywhere, on the go, even if you don’t have an internet or WIFI connection available.


♦️ POKER made simple

We simplified classic 5 card poker to focus on the poker hands. Grab the opportunity to learn the basic strategies of building the best poker hands while progressing in a fun adventure game.


♣️ WESTERN world

The game world is inspired by classic spaghetti western movies and the american wild west. Meet some iconic gunslingers. Face a diverse cast of outlaws. Participate in intense western shootouts and mexican standoffs.


♠️ RPG (role playing game) progression

Choose your gunslinger, chase and take down the outlaws, collect rewards, improve your strength and face stronger enemies until you reach the final boss.


♥️ BUILD and CUSTOMIZE your own totem pole

Find and collect rare totem pieces in order to build and customize your own totem pole. Depending on how you assemble it, you’ll gain different benefits.


♦️ BEAUTIFUL 2D visuals

The game features both full size illustrations and colorful portraits as well as fun sprite animations.


♣️ DAILY rewards

Log in to the game every day to earn a free reward. The more you comeback, the bigger the reward. On top of that, you’ll get a free try at the slot machine!

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